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Twilight Book

2009.04.27. 08:00 linanagy

Stephenie Meyer's book, Twilight appeared in 2005 and the weel-known hysteria happen around since Harry Potter, so the authoress may be flaunting 7 million sold copies in US (the four novels were sold in 25 million copies and it was translated into twenty languages). The professional acknowledgement was not canceled: Publishers Weekly elected it as the book of the year, New York Times praised it, and it's won numerous honours, including American Library Association's Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults and Top Ten Books for Reluctant Readres. The critical welcome despite this rather for mixed on can be said, but under the teenager fever of joy, additional three novels (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Down) was appeared.

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As the above-mentioned adolescent wizard and the old, succes suspension works just like Romeo and Juliet, straight the road from here to inside Hollywood.

Seeing the film, and because of hysteria started interest how all this in original one, formulated with the newest American-English style from the authoress's feather without translation. And it was not dissappointed. There is everything in it, that we could recognise from the film: beauty, love, fog in all quantities; Charlotte Bronte's twentyone century reincarnation between us and creates. The success spreads among women irrespective of age, mothers scream hand in hand with their daughters, if the main character of the film, the vampire of our age, Edward Cullen appear ... er the actor who playing him, Robert Pattinson. Twilight is everywhere, we go anywhere in the city, the girls talk about it, the bookshelves full with the hungarian copies of the second book, Új Hold.

Twilight didn't add too much to the vampire genre. The novels not too horror fans read it. The target audience the gothic fashion (oh, Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh!) and for the princess penny dreadful sensitive 14-40, Mr.Big daydreaming women reader.  And it seems very much are from them.

The Twilight series divides the critics. As usual the feminists protest. Most charges concern the heroine, Bella. Bella is not the ideal who the today's criticism would like to see. Not strong superwoman and not to say that she would be independent. She is today's Jane Eyre, whose only independent decision it is in the life, that she decides who wants to submit herself it. And after all, today's girl love Bella. The question a little bit nature of Carrie Bradshaw, but very current: the girls got tired of the emancipation and they desire at the back of one's mind, that let somebody come and save them?

Edward is the classic bad guy, mysterious and superior, like Mr Darcy or Heatchliff: if he pulls his mouth onto an ironic half smile and down his collar, everybody loses his consciousness near him. And if this would not be enough: drives so dangerously, than James Dean and trail a school's corridor so, than a model. This word expresses it in the best one, how he: admirable. The wild exterior masks injured inside and some tragic, fatal secret, because of which it is necessary to be sorry for it and to forgive him for everything, of course. Edward and his adoptive family humanistic vampires, who like and respect the people (they feed on big, dangerous beasts), moral, loyal to each other, they are able to love, capable onto the love, the sunlight does not hurt them, and a crucifix hangs down from the wall at them. Positively bright and family-centred beings. Maybe, naive and unfair that the story, but if we disregard the characters' gender,  we recognise our seed somewhere. There is not equality, at what we want the other one better he run farther at it. Twilight from this authentic, yet if not too this was its aim. The novel well written, enjoyable: on the other hand the big part of the adventures, the actions is bullshit, alibi. An any kind of turn happens because of it only in fact, as there may not be 500 laterally with it to write over, that Edward nice, Edward nice, Edward a Greek god. If we realize it, we have a good time when we read the "half brick size" book in english. The book without a dictionary can be observed and interpreted, we may expand our emotion -word vocabulary easily because of this since the authoress uses the same expressions many times.

Only not be wanted to beautify the situation. According to the fans this is a modern Romeo and Juliet, though no. Juliet interests nobody. This is a good Pygmalion story in fact.


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